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Rating updated: June 04, 2023

Costco Vision Center

3 reviews


2355 Landmark Blvd, Bellevue, WI 54311

+1 920-469-5713

Who is an optometrist and what does he or she do?

Optometry is a branch of ophthalmology that specializes in methods of correcting vision using optometric aids. An optometrist is a specialist who determines the degree of vision impairment and prescribes corrective aids such as glasses and contact lenses.

What is the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist?

What is the difference between the profession of an optometrist and an ophthalmologist? An optometrist only provides initial diagnosis and can only treat refractive errors with conservative methods.

What does an optometrist do?

Functionality: eye examinations, selection of types of vision correction (glasses, lenses), recommendations on eyeglass lens designs and contact lens materials, and advanced medical services. Include: eye examinations, selection of types of vision correction (glasses, lenses), recommendations on eyeglass lens designs and contact lens materials, and advanced medical services.

Why do eyeglasses cost so much?

Eyeglasses are a complex optical device that is manufactured with high-precision equipment. Often expensive materials are used for the glasses. All of this explains why eyeglasses can be expensive.

What should you do before buying glasses?

Let's look at what to look for when buying eyeglasses. The first is, of course, quality. The second is the choice of lenses of glasses. Here we focus attention on the material: they can be either glass or plastic. The third is the choice of frames.

What's the difference between expensive glasses and cheap glasses for vision?

The quality and accordingly the price of the lens depends on the presence of coatings on the lenses. The higher the price, the more coatings on the lens. Coatings make our vision more comfortable. Lens manufacturers do not stand still and improve the quality of lenses.

How do I know which glasses fit my face?

It's best if the width of the frame is equal to or slightly larger than the widest part of your face. The upper line of the frames should coincide with the line of eyebrows. Smooth shapes of glasses will emphasize rounded curves of the face. To emphasize high cheekbones choose the "butterfly" or "cat-eye" glasses.

Where can I see better with glasses or contact lenses?

With lenses, you can see better, so it turns out that extra obstacles don't distort the image. Lenses don't shed dust, don't catch glare from the sun and don't distort peripheral vision-no matter where we look, the image stays sharp.

Top Reviews

Karen Seigfreid  |  Rating: 1  |  Costco Vision Center

Retail is 5 stars. New Dr is negative a million stars. Rude, condescending ego tripping maniac. Needs to go back to school. Told someone they have macular degeneration, guess what... they don't

Liv Tesarik  |  Rating: 1  |  Costco Vision Center

I’ve work glasses for 20 years. I’ve been to private offices, shopko, Walmart, etc… this was the worst. I love Costco but not their optical. The prescription in my glasses is wrong, I can’t even wear them. Not only that but when I went back to have them adjusted the assistant bent up my glasses so bad I couldn’t wear them. I came back again asking for the doctor to adjust my glasses and they laughed and said only they could, not the doctor. So once again, I left with glasses that don’t sit on my face correctly. The RX I took elsewhere to buy new contacts…. They don’t work either. So the original brand I was wearing doesn’t work due to the “Rx” Costco gave me.

Chris Bear  |  Rating: 5  |  Costco Vision Center

Excellent service by the Bellevue technicians. In response to complaints about the optician, no one should have vision tested by these independent guys. They are NOT Costco employees. In, general, mediocre at best. Get an Rx from a good eye doc elsewhere, then bring it in.

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