Optical Options


Optical Options is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 2400 Ardmore Blvd # 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: +1 412-351-2017
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 9AM–6PM 9AM–6PM 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM

Rating of Optical Options – 2,6, precise coordinates Lat 40.415125, Lng -79.847612, category Optician.


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Recommended Reviews
I asked the owner for my contact prescription and he told me he didn't have one. I didn't understand and he very arrogantly told me to "read my lips".......He was very demeaning. I am a nurse and I would never talk to a patient like that. I will never use him again.
Fluff Sale
The glasses seem really nice in there however the elderly gentleman that waited on me was extremely condescending and rude. However when the young lady walked in, he perked up. He definitely didn't have any patience. I would of bought glasses here but he made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Also, he appeared to be very annoyed. I never give bad reviews but I feel like I should spare people the trouble of stopping in this place. I will say, the medical and surgical place is extremely professional and make you feel at home.
Mary Ellen Kremer
Did not find the man in Optical Options the least bit helpful or kind! No personality when dealing with customers from my experience. Asked him about a particular pair of glasses to see if they came in different shades and he said NO, I asked if he could look it up to see, in the catalogue. And again just NO. Asked if I purchased and paid cash to take a frames (.$275.00) home to show my family, if I could return them 2 days later.....again just the word NO! Another elderly lady came in and I was still looking at glasses by herself. He never got up to assist her and showing her different ones that would work for her she started asking me questions. I
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