Best Eyeglasses near me in Pittsburgh, PA

The best Eyeglasses near me in Pittsburgh, PA – map location, contacts, real reviews, rating.

Rating updated: September 25, 2023


Forbes Tower, 3606 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412-647-2200

Walmart Vision & Glasses

8 reviews


250 Summit Park Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15275

+1 412-788-9193


201 N Craig St #105, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412-683-2727


203 Lothrop St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412-647-2200


953 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

+1 412-782-6006


5301 Grove Rd Ste B530, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

+1 412-884-2020


603 Stanwix St STE 150, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

+1 412-471-9838

Family Vision Care

10 reviews


5917 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

+1 412-441-6685

Pearle Vision

10 reviews


1450 Park Manor Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

+1 412-788-1288


416 Hastings St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

+1 412-361-3937

VisionMakers Pittsburgh

10 reviews


100 Merchant Ln #101, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

+1 412-788-4664


Forbes Tower, 3606 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412-647-7488


4048 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

+1 412-421-9274


9 Linshaw Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

+1 412-921-5470

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Eyeglasses are the simplest optical device designed to correct vision; there are also glasses to protect the eyes from various factors (safety glasses). Glasses consist of frames and lenses. Glasses frames are made of plastic, metal and combined. They can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, round, with or without rims and with both rigid and flexible earpieces.

Correcting glasses are a medical optical device for correcting various visual impairments. They are used for correction of refractive error, accommodation disorders and for correction of eye muscular system defects. In cases when ordinary eyeglasses don't give the desired effect special eyeglasses are used. They include telescopic, prismatic, hemianopic glasses as well as magnifying glasses with illuminators.

What are eyeglasses for?

There are several pathologies in which these ophthalmic products are most commonly used: myopia; hyperopia; astigmatism; and presbyopia.

What do glasses for work mean?

The glasses for working at a computer or other gadgets are designed for people with poor vision as well as those who see well. To protect our vision, experts have developed glasses for computer work. The main difference between computer glasses and other glasses is the function of blocking the blue spectrum rays.

The main difference between computer glasses and other glasses is the function of blocking the rays of the blue spectrum.

What's better for vision - glasses or lenses?

Contact lenses, unlike glasses, follow the curvature of your eye to provide a wider field of vision and prevent significant visual distortion or interference of any kind.

What are polarizing glasses?

Polarizing glasses are glasses with lenses that have a polarizing filter (polarized). The main difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses is the very film/film which blocks the reflected, aka horizontal, light (glare) but lets in the vertical rays which are responsible for color and contrast.

Top Reviews

Jacks Crafts  |  Rating: 1  |  Walmart Vision & Glasses

If I could do 0 stars I would. The doctor has some weird informercials with himself in it, playing while you wait that we’re super creepy. The doctor is condescending, repeatedly asked me to do extra tests When I had already said no multiple times. I was simply there for an eye exam to get glasses. Purchased glass, expensive ones and the welds broke in them 6 months later in two different places. I did receive a warranty replacement but the process was exhausting because the staff is not on the same page with regulations for warranties.

Dana Mckee  |  Rating: 5  |  Dalmo Optical

When I was 14yrs old I needed glasses but I didn’t have insurance so I would wear my cousins contacts long after they were old! I ended up with an ulcer in my eye which was painful, it burned & I cldnt open my eyes! My cousin took me to Dalmo optical to her eye Dr in Parkway center mall (The old location) We told her what was going on & she was so nice & although against us sharing contacts, she was understanding! I was young, broke & uninsured but she seen me anyway & Made sure I left with a sample of the medication (drops) knowing I couldn’t afford to fill the prescription myself! I have never forgotten it & I never will! When I was able to, I went back to her & paid for my own set of contacts & continued to see her after I got insurance for years! I am now 34yrs old & I live alittle far so I haven’t seen her in about 2 1/2 yrs but I will be making an appointment & driving back to town JUST to see her & her staff! That Dr & her staff have always been professional, caring, friendly & always there to help u get the most for ur money! I love them! If u want a place who recognizes u when u walk in, who does their job & does it well, a place that gets u In & out quickly & is filled with genuinely good people, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Sean  |  Rating: 5  |  Pusz & Siegel Eyecare Associates

Friendly and pleasant staff, and very efficient - I had a full eye exam in < 45 minutes. Dr Bressler was very kind and he zeroed in on my new contact prescription in just a few minutes. A great visit that gets my 5-star!