Reynolds Optical


Reynolds Optical is located in Portland, Oregon – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 3535 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: +1 503-232-3222
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 10AM–5PM 10AM–5PM 10AM–5PM 10AM–5PM 10AM–5PM

Rating of Reynolds Optical – 4,9, precise coordinates Lat 45.512187, Lng -122.627848, category Optician.


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Recommended Reviews
Ziggy Stankiewicz
I couldn't ask for a better experience, or better vision. Everyone was very friendly and very patient in these covid times. Set up for social isolation standards, and conscious about cleaning. I love love love my frames, which just so happened to be custom made here. Light, strong, and I'm just thrilled with the fit and look. I was given time, and helpful suggestions for what to try and it turned into glasses I love. Thank you! My vision is challenging. I've had 9 eye operations over the years so it's a feat to get my prescription dialed in correctly. They absolutely nailed it! I'm reading 20/25 (which with my history is thrilling!). Correct the first time, and I love what I'm seeing. Friendly, clean, and technically awesome. You couldn't ask for a better experience picking out a pair of glasses that are a step above, and everyone's gonna notice.
Antonio Perez Gonzales
Top of the line equipment very advance "don't fail any other eye sight test". Plus warm friendly doctor and staff. Worth paying the price for my exam and pair of nice glasses... I needed a professional exam "checked it" I needed good price "checked it" I needed friendly "checked it" I needed beautiful "checked it" I needed fast "checked it" Very happy
Alan Mason
I wanted new glasses and contacts, and so just went to the closest optometrist to my house. I lucked out! The staff was very friendly and helped me figure out how to use my health insurance, which I didn't even know I had. Dr. Morris seemed to really enjoy what he does for a living, and answered several questions I had. I also liked the fancy vintage vibe.
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