Douglas C. Melzer, OD


Douglas C. Melzer, OD is located in Portland, Oregon – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 13140 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97230
Phone: +1 503-253-7278
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 8AM–5PM 8AM–5PM 8AM–5PM 8AM–5PM 8AM–5PM

Rating of Douglas C. Melzer, OD – 4,1, precise coordinates Lat 45.533296, Lng -122.527509, category Optometrist.


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Recommended Reviews
Nick King
I don't usually write reviews, but since there was only 1 Google Review with 1 star, I felt the need to write my own review, because this business is not 1-star quality... I've been a patient for Dr. Melzer for several years now, I'd guess probably ~12 years. In that twelve years I've never had a single conflict. The doctor has always been positive, informative and very professional. When trying on new glasses, the doctor will offer real criticism if he likes them on me or not. No sales pressure, I can't say enough good things about this office. When I was about 18 years old, I started to wear contacts and couldn't even get a lens in due to my inability to allow my hand close to my eye without an intense flinching reflex. The doctor let me stay in the office for 45 minutes while I got one contact lens in. The staff is very patient, friendly and this is NOT a 1-star business, this is a 5-star business. The other Google Reviewer is off his rocker...
Stacie Mclean-Rhodehamel
This was my second eye exam at Dr. Melzers office. He's easy to talk to about options that work for me and takes time to actually get to know me to make recommendations that fit my lifestyle (e.g. Contacts vs. glasses). The staff is friendly and make me feel welcome. It makes me have confidence in the Dr. and team with the consistency they treat me with. I will continue to see Dr. Melzer and his team for years to come. I highly recommend this office!
Clarissa P
I went here because family friends recommended it. First off the Dr gave me his personal opinions about weed dealers. Secondly the front desk lady told me not to commit insurance fraud.(like I would) Third they gave me a schedule date then when I called to confirm they said I didn't have an appointment that day. Fourth they said they would mail me my glasses prescription I hadn't received it so I called and the woman working in the office told me she couldn't find it. Fifth they said I would get a $120 rebate on my contacts and I only got $60. Inconsistent, unprofessional, and disorganized. So I find a 1 star review is accurate.
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