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Rating updated: February 21, 2024

Contacts Lenses

8121 National Ave #409, Oklahoma City, OK 73110

+1 405-737-8935

Contacts Lenses

Oklahoma City, OK 73132

+1 405-721-7450

Contacts Lenses

1624 Linwood Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

+1 405-235-5301

Vision Source OKC South

10 reviews

Contacts Lenses

10101 S Pennsylvania Ave suite a, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

+1 405-691-3319

The Eye Gallery

10 reviews

Contacts Lenses

2601 SW 119th St suite b, Oklahoma City, OK 73170

+1 405-735-3333

Contacts Lenses

2501 W Memorial Rd #258, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

+1 405-749-0220

Contacts Lenses

1801 Belle Isle Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

+1 405-832-9026

Contacts Lenses

3433 NW 56th St # 120, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

+1 405-945-4444

Contacts Lenses

11013 Hefner Pointe Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

+1 405-751-2020

Contacts Lenses

3301 NW 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

+1 405-946-9830

Contacts Lenses

13321 N Meridian Ave STE 110, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

+1 405-418-6950

Contacts Lenses

8549 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 731321521

+1 405-720-8316

Contacts Lenses

6200 W Memorial Rd Ste A, Oklahoma City, OK 73142

+1 405-730-0010

Dick Story Optical

9 reviews

Contacts Lenses

5631 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

+1 405-843-1538

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Contact lenses are small lenses that are in "contact" with your eyes. They are designed to correct refractive errors and keep your eyes healthy. The lenses are in the tear film on the cornea. Modern contact lenses are small lenses worn over the cornea of the eye. Modern contact lenses whether soft or hard. Most people wear soft contact lenses, but it wasn't that long ago that lenses were made of glass. Colored contact lenses can make your eyes more intense or completely change the color of your eyes, and costume contact lenses can help create special effects seen on the big screen.

What is the difference between glasses and contact lenses?

Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not limit the field of vision. With glasses, the field of vision is limited, causing people to have to turn their head to see something from the side.

Can I sleep in contact lenses?

Modern soft contact lenses allow enough oxygen to the eye, but when you sleep, your eyes are closed and, therefore, the access of oxygen to them is reduced.

What are the harms of contact lenses?

Prolonged contact lens wear causes the cornea to thin (keratocytes lose their ability to synthesize new tissue). This can happen even with proper lens wear 3-5 years after use. In the case of reaction to hypoxia (lack of oxygen), the main complication is the formation of new blood vessels.

Top Reviews

Vicki Spaan  |  Rating: 5  |  Midtown Optical & Eyecare

Cody Greenhaw, O.D. solved ALL my visual problems. I have “mono vision” and had a difficult time finding a doctor who could make me see. Even the Dean McGee Eye Institute failed me. Years ago, someone referred me to Cody Greenhaw, O.D. and after seeing him, I got eyeglasses which solved all my problems. When my cataracts got bad enough to treat, Dr. Greenhaw referred me to a fabulous Opthalmologist, Edward Jones MD. Thank you, Midtown Optical for taking care of all my needs.

Molly B  |  Rating: 5  |  Oklahoma City Vision

Thank you to sweet Cherie for helping me with my contacts! She gave me a free trail so I could work without my glasses fogging up while wearing a mask. Also, I appreciate the help of educating me about my insurance and getting the best deal. My contacts I ordered were shipped to my door super fast!

Marcus Gonzalez  |  Rating: 5  |  Midtown Optical & Eyecare

My 5 stars is based on the staff and customer service. I have always been happy to set an appointment and talk with staff about deals. Very helpful and able to work with insurance for payment. Have met both optometrist and they are super relatable. They helped me with some pairs of contacts when I was waiting on mine. Parking is sometimes difficult but at the end of the day I would prefer a great optical experience. This place delivers.