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Rating updated: February 21, 2024

Pearle Vision

9 reviews

Contacts Lenses

3440 Burnet Ave Suite 110, Cincinnati, OH 45229

+1 513-221-2415

Contacts Lenses

5537 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248

+1 513-574-2233

Contacts Lenses

2045 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202

+1 513-221-8558

Contacts Lenses

12094 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249

+1 513-774-0999

Contacts Lenses

inside Costco, 9691 Waterstone Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45249

+1 513-774-9461

Infocus Eye Care

6 reviews

Contacts Lenses

9479 Loveland Madeira Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

+1 513-791-3336

Contacts Lenses

8970 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

+1 513-522-0035

Contacts Lenses

12107 Sheraton Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45246

+1 513-771-3937


10 reviews

Contacts Lenses

6026 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211

+1 513-661-2344

Contacts Lenses

10675 McSwain Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45241

+1 513-563-2304

Innovative Vision

10 reviews

Contacts Lenses

9711 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

+1 513-793-8486

Contacts Lenses

4760 Red Bank Expy #108, Cincinnati, OH 45227

+1 513-654-5581

Contacts Lenses

5303 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238

+1 513-921-8040

Pearle Vision

10 reviews

Contacts Lenses

700 Eastgate S Dr Suite #200, Cincinnati, OH 45245

+1 513-449-1318

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Contact lenses are small lenses that are in "contact" with your eyes. They are designed to correct refractive errors and keep your eyes healthy. The lenses are in the tear film on the cornea. Modern contact lenses are small lenses worn over the cornea of the eye. Modern contact lenses whether soft or hard. Most people wear soft contact lenses, but it wasn't that long ago that lenses were made of glass. Colored contact lenses can make your eyes more intense or completely change the color of your eyes, and costume contact lenses can help create special effects seen on the big screen.

What is the difference between glasses and contact lenses?

Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not limit the field of vision. With glasses, the field of vision is limited, causing people to have to turn their head to see something from the side.

Can I sleep in contact lenses?

Modern soft contact lenses allow enough oxygen to the eye, but when you sleep, your eyes are closed and, therefore, the access of oxygen to them is reduced.

What are the harms of contact lenses?

Prolonged contact lens wear causes the cornea to thin (keratocytes lose their ability to synthesize new tissue). This can happen even with proper lens wear 3-5 years after use. In the case of reaction to hypoxia (lack of oxygen), the main complication is the formation of new blood vessels.

Top Reviews

Emily  |  Rating: 5  |  Target Optical

My first appointment with Dr. Vidiken was today and I so wish I had found her sooner! My entire experience was wonderful - from Mr. Paul’s nice appointment confirmation call, to Ms. Kim’s helpfulness and kindness when it came to my paperwork/checking out, and ordering contacts. Dr. Vidiken was amazing- made me feel completely at ease, explained every part of the appointment to me as she went, and ensured I was taken very good care of. She is the sweetest, and I am really looking forward to my next visit! Thank you all!

Troy Gregory  |  Rating: 5  |  Target Optical

Had a great experience purchasing my new pair of glasses. The consultant was newer, but had everything right, and was being monitored by a manager to insure that my prescription and measurements were correct. Definitely much better than LensCrafters, with much better pricing!

Kelly Black  |  Rating: 5  |  Eyemart Express

My son lost his glasses and needed a pair asap. We were able to get his prescription, take it to Eyemart and have new glasses made. We worked with Dea, and she was efficient, kind, funny and very helpful! I couldn't have asked for better service! His glasses were ready in less than 30 minutes, and Dea took the time to make sure they fit his face properly before we left. It was an all around great experience! Thank you so much, Dea!