Casey Optical Too LLC


Casey Optical Too LLC is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 9000 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
Phone: +1 505-219-3113
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM

Rating of Casey Optical Too LLC – 4,2, precise coordinates Lat 35.108697, Lng -106.541696, category Optician.


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Recommended Reviews
Ashley Delgadillo
First time coming here and I loved it. They were very fast and attentive, the techs were really nice and so was the Dr, I forgot his name since I am bad with them lol but he was a male, he was very nice and let me know everything that was going on. Was able to walk out same day with my glasses since they were covered with my insurance! Would definitely recommend this place
Lisa L
You lost me as a customer today because, when I came in to have the left lens changed in my regular and sun glasses due to a vision change, you insisted I pay $900 to replace both lenses in both pairs of glasses. This is what I paid for lenses and frames in December 2021! So you want me to pay twice for the same glasses? The lenses on my regular glasses were scratched within a month of purchase, but you failed to honor the scratch warranty, even though I paid for scratch protection. Shame on you!
Phillip Devargas Jr
I went in for an appointment and happened to take an old insurance card so when the lady at the front desk tried to pull me up in the system I didn’t come up. So I explained to her that my wife comes here and I had just brought my daughter in for an appointment as well and they pulled my daughter up in the system using my wife’s information. I explained this to her and she just kept repeating that she couldn’t pull me up. I asked can you check my wife’s account and again just repeated she couldn’t pull me up. I left and came home which was 30 seconds away and called back I asked her pull up my wife’s account to see what insurance she has and lo and behold she found me in the system but since it was 940 the same time as my appointment I would have to reschedule. The level of incompetence is astonishing if she would have done what I asked while I was there this all would have been avoided and now they couldn’t wait for me to drive 30 seconds back to my appointment.
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