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Rating updated: February 27, 2024

Louis R. Margitza, OD


Eye Exam

Spring Valley, NV 89103

+1 702-499-0636

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Eye exams is a procedure to evaluate the functions of the eye that provide normal vision. Namely, how the size, shape, and color of objects are perceived, as well as their location relative to each other. Eye exams are necessary for the timely detection of abnormalities and successful correction. Eye exams include accurate determination of the patient's visual acuity and refraction, intraocular pressure measurements, microscopic examination of the eye (biomicroscopy), pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement), echobiometry (eye length determination), ultrasound eye examination (B-scan), computer keratotopography and thorough retinal (eye fundus) examination with a wide pupil, tear production level determination and detailed visual field examination of the patient. Various methods are used to test vision, the results of which allow the doctor to identify abnormalities and prescribe a correction.