Spectacle Eyecare - Atlantic Station


Spectacle Eyecare - Atlantic Station is located in Atlanta, Georgia – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 375 18th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
Phone: +1 404-249-0423
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.

Rating of Spectacle Eyecare - Atlantic Station – 4,9, precise coordinates Lat 33.793071, Lng -84.399295, category Optometrist.


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Recommended Reviews
Alvin Almodovar
Everyone was so nice! The vibe was cool and very professional. It was diverse and inclusive. My kind of place. I was taken care off quickly. The doctor was so kind and thorough. My contacts prescription was exactly what I needed. The price was right and home delivery was free. Happy camper here!
J. T. Mayo
I write this review mainly for the experience I have had with Dr. Sims. He has never rushed my appointments & has always been pleasant. He corrected a prescription from a prior office that was done improperly…drastically improving my vision! Overall the experience in the Target setup is a bit lacking. I’m certain working in a big box store has limitations on the Doctor & his staff. If you go, go for Dr. Sims! He is obviously tops within his profession!
Roda Evans
My exam was amazing. The staff was welcoming, informative, and amazing. This was my first time wearing contacts and the doctor took the time to show me how to put them in and take them out, and the do's and dont's. I really had a wonderful experience.
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