Olive Eyecare


Olive Eyecare is located in Atlanta, Georgia – contact information, location on the map, work schedule, reviews.

Address: 2427 Gresham Rd S E, Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: +1 770-743-6971
To find out the current opening hours and other information you are interested in, please call. Please leave your evaluation and review of the company, help people make the right choice.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Work Hours 9AM–5PM 9AM–5PM Closed 10AM–6PM 10AM–4PM

Rating of Olive Eyecare – 4,8, precise coordinates Lat 33.719017, Lng -84.312948, category Optometrist.


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Recommended Reviews
Johnny Divel
I had gone in for a very long over due eye exam and I was greeted with professionalism, kindness by both the secretary and Dr. Both ladies were very warm and friendly and showed me that I just wasn’t another patient, they took their time with me in answering my questions and concerns. I go back for my follow up appointment this week and I’m actually looking forward to it and getting fitted with my contacts. Although they didn’t take my insurance for everything, I did have to pay $75 for my eye exam and then another $125 for the contact fitting. But overall thus far I am pleased with the quality of care I received. Thank you ladies @OliveEyeCare
Christie Person
My daughter was having complaints of blur and double vision while reading for a few months. When she would read for long periods of time her eyes would get tired and achy. As a concerned mom, and optometrist, I wanted to make sure that she would be able to keep up with her assignments at school. I was able to reach out to Dr. Brown and she resolved my daughter's near vision issues. Since my daughter has received her glasses, she has been able to read for long periods of time without eye strain or double vision. Additionally, my big girl was recently invited to participate in her school's reading bowl for advanced readers! Dr. Brown is an amazing eye doctor who will listen to your concerns and provide a solution that will enhance your life in ways you could never imagine. Call for an appointment today!
Renay Allen
The doctor was very warming and professional along with her staff. She took very good care of my eyes and was also very concerned about my overall health. She was a true delight and smiled constantly. You should try as well.
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