As a result of the use of our sites and the use of third-party technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, and other techniques, we and third-party companies collect information about you as you use them. If you visit a website or use an application, a server may download a text file that contains small amounts of information on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet when you visit the website.

A pixel tag is an invisible image with a line of code that is placed within an email message or on a web page with the purpose of collecting information about the visitor. This is sometimes called a web beacon.

Various types of cookies are used to achieve different objectives, and they are divided into different types. Among these features are allowing you to navigate between different pages on a website efficiently, remembering preferences you have chosen, and assisting in the identification of ways to improve your overall experience on a website. Also, a number of cookies are used to provide you with advertising tailored specifically to your interests, as well as to measure how many people visit your site, and which pages you find most popular. Visit or for more information about cookies and what they are.

We have grouped cookies into four categories so that you can better understand what cookies are and how they function on this website, as explained in the ‘Cookies used on our sites’ section below, so you can get a better understanding of what they do. Using our cookies management tool, you can see what cookies are used on and how they are categorised, how you can control the cookies that you use, and how long they last.

There should be direct management of cookies used by the website that links through to, as opposed to the website that initiates the link.

Using cookies and other technology, we may collect certain types of information

In contrast to most websites, the cookies that are used on this website do not collect any personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, or other information that can be directly linked to you. There are, however, some cookies that may gather information that can be used to create a profile by combining other information with a unique ID or another identifier. Ad personalisation is used to target ads based on your interests. This ad personalisation is explained in more detail in the following section.

We use cookies on our sites to provide you with a better experience

There are four main categories of cookies that are used on our sites, as described below. We do not only use our own cookies, but we also work with third-party companies that place cookies on your device. Please see our cookies management tool for a list of third parties we use. Please be aware that their privacy policies may also apply to the data they collect.

We take steps to protect your data when working with third-party companies. For example, we provide contractual limits on how data collected from people using our services will be used for marketing purposes, and we regularly audit our websites to ensure that only the cookies that we have permitted are being used.

Necessary cookies

In addition to allowing you to navigate the website and use essential features, these cookies identify you as a logged in user and help you access secure areas on the website. It is not the intention of these cookies to collect any information about you that would allow them to be used for advertising or for remembering where you have been online in the past.

We are unable to customize the use of these cookies within the cookies management tool, as these cookies are essential for the correct functioning of our website.

The second type of cookie is the analytics cookie

There are a number of cookies that are used on our websites to collect information about the way in which visitors access our websites, such as information about where the visitor came from (for example, referring domains, search engines, marketing campaigns), and which pages they viewed. In addition to collecting visitor information, we also collect information about the site path of the visitor, which content he or she clicks on, which products the visitor is interested in buying, and how many times our website is visited by the visitor.

This information will be used by us in order to enhance the experience of our website visitors. We may share this information with third parties providing analytics and search engine services to assist us in improving and optimizing the experience of our website visitors.

The third type of cookie is a functional one

Our websites use these cookies to remember your choices (such as your username, language, or region of the world) and offer enriched, more personal features based on those choices. In addition to being used to remember changes you make to text size, fonts, or other parts of web pages that can be customized, these cookies can also be used to remember changes you make to text size, font, or other web page elements.

As well as allowing you to watch a video or to comment on a blog, these cookies might also be used to provide you with services you've requested.

The fourth type of cookie is an advertising cookie

Using these cookies, you will be able to receive advertising that is more relevant to you and your interests based on the information gathered about your browsing habits. In order to personalise ads, we may need to collect information about your usage of our services (for example, what pages you visit) along with other data that the ad platform identifies.

The data that an advertiser maintains about you may include information such as your interests, age, gender and similar statistical characteristics gathered from your browsing habits on the internet or marketing information that an advertiser holds about you.

A unique identifier such as a cookie or a mobile ad ID is used to help create an ad profile in order to tailor our advertising and web experiences to meet our clients' specific needs. It is a unique code that is stored on your device's operating system to help determine your ad profile. Unlike other cookies, these cookies do not collect or use data that identifies you directly, such as your name, mobile number, or email address.

It is our aim to show both personalised and non-personalised ads through carefully selected partnerships. These partners include advertising agencies, technology platforms, and other providers who use data analysis to deliver and track targeted ads. It is also possible for these companies to collect data from cookies that were dropped by other websites you have visited on your computer.

In a sense, this makes it possible for ads to be displayed in a manner relevant to your browsing behaviour, so the ads you see will be more relevant to what you are interested in. It can also limit the number of ads you are likely to see across the internet if you have already seen a particular advertisement.

By using a process called cookie synchronization, these partners may be able to infer what type of ads might interest you based on the information they gather from other sources, including your browsing of other websites. A cookie ID assigned to your device is matched against another cookie ID which is likely to belong to you but is stored in a database that is not the same as the one assigned to your device.

Do you know how you can control whether or not cookies are used on your computer?

By using our cookies management tool at any time, you can control the use of cookies, as well as delete previously stored cookies and block cookies from being placed. You can also manage cookies through the browser settings if you wish to do so.