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Rating updated: May 31, 2023


14425 Chase St, Panorama City, CA 91402

+1 818-891-6711

Walmart Vision & Glasses

3 reviews


8333 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402

+1 818-893-9604

Who is an optometrist and what does he or she do?

Optometry is a branch of ophthalmology that specializes in methods of correcting vision using optometric aids. An optometrist is a specialist who determines the degree of vision impairment and prescribes corrective aids such as glasses and contact lenses.

What is the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist?

What is the difference between the profession of an optometrist and an ophthalmologist? An optometrist only provides initial diagnosis and can only treat refractive errors with conservative methods.

What does an optometrist do?

Functionality: eye examinations, selection of types of vision correction (glasses, lenses), recommendations on eyeglass lens designs and contact lens materials, and advanced medical services. Include: eye examinations, selection of types of vision correction (glasses, lenses), recommendations on eyeglass lens designs and contact lens materials, and advanced medical services.

Why do eyeglasses cost so much?

Eyeglasses are a complex optical device that is manufactured with high-precision equipment. Often expensive materials are used for the glasses. All of this explains why eyeglasses can be expensive.

What should you do before buying glasses?

Let's look at what to look for when buying eyeglasses. The first is, of course, quality. The second is the choice of lenses of glasses. Here we focus attention on the material: they can be either glass or plastic. The third is the choice of frames.

What's the difference between expensive glasses and cheap glasses for vision?

The quality and accordingly the price of the lens depends on the presence of coatings on the lenses. The higher the price, the more coatings on the lens. Coatings make our vision more comfortable. Lens manufacturers do not stand still and improve the quality of lenses.

How do I know which glasses fit my face?

It's best if the width of the frame is equal to or slightly larger than the widest part of your face. The upper line of the frames should coincide with the line of eyebrows. Smooth shapes of glasses will emphasize rounded curves of the face. To emphasize high cheekbones choose the "butterfly" or "cat-eye" glasses.

Where can I see better with glasses or contact lenses?

With lenses, you can see better, so it turns out that extra obstacles don't distort the image. Lenses don't shed dust, don't catch glare from the sun and don't distort peripheral vision-no matter where we look, the image stays sharp.

Top Reviews

Britney Taylor  |  Rating: 5  |  Walmart Vision & Glasses

I came here a couple months ago for new lenses and the white pregnant lady is the sweetest and most helpful person ever! Another employee at this location messed up my glasses horribly one of my lenses popped off as I tried my glasses on in my car after asking her to fix them multiple times but when I told the white pregnant lady, she was so patient and actually listening to what I was saying and fixed them perfectly. She said they were really messed up. She needs to be manager if she is not already. She gives the best customer service to everyone as I was observing her help other customers as well!

The Flash  |  Rating: 5  |  Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

Dr. Leonard is the best and the staff as well. Always professional and both doctors is always on point. I only trust my eyes to them and so should you. Thanks to all of you for being there when I most needed you. But due to me moving out of state, I can no longer see them. Thanks and God Bless!

Igor Carvalho  |  Rating: 1  |  Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

Really disappointed in the service around warranty. I bought super expensive transition lens, and somehow they are now stained and permanently transitioned. Called for help, no offer to help. This is a lab issue.

Tom Hancock  |  Rating: 5  |  Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

I have keratoconus; these lenses are the most comfortable and give the best vision out of everything I've tried (including Laserfit and Eyeprintpro). The team also work really hard and give the best care I've had at a great price point. Thank you.

Brian Allan  |  Rating: 5  |  Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

I’ve been a client/patient/fan for over 30 years. Dr. Leonard and his amazing staff (including Dr. Javier Villalobos) provide genuine care with the latest ‘state of the art’ eye exam technology and wonderful human compassion. I’ve referred hundreds of people over the years. Everyone has been completely satisfied. They say eyes are the window to your soul. Take care of your eyes and soul at Dr. Leonard and associates.

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