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Browse by Alaska cities to find an best optometrist near you. View a list of local eye specialists and vision care products in your city. An optometrist may also be known by the following names: eye doctor, vision care specialist, and doctor of optometry.

Rating updated: September 27, 2023


625 S Cobb St #101, Palmer, AK 99645

+1 907-745-2273

Prism Optical Of Alaska

10 reviews


1515 E Tudor Rd #7, Anchorage, AK 99507

+1 907-885-3999


10928 Eagle River Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577

+1 907-694-2020


3122 E Meridian Park Loop, Wasilla, AK 99654

+1 907-357-9595

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Alaska is a state located in northwestern North America. It ranks first among other states by area (1,523,000 km²). It includes the peninsula of the same name, the mainland, the Aleutian Islands, part of the Pacific Coast, and the islands of the Alexander Archipelago. Population 690,955 (2007), with Indians, Aleuts, Eskimos, and Russians as indigenous inhabitants. The capital of the state is the city of Juneau. Major cities: Anchorage, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka.

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Top Reviews

Alchemist Rin  |  Rating: 5  |  Adventures In Eye Care

I’m still learning the ropes of adulting, so appointments and stuff can be stressful, especially when handling payment, insurance, etc. This place was awesome! The lady at reception was very kind and helped me through the paperwork and payments for my glasses. The doctor was a very nice man as well; he was super cheerful, friendly, and easy to talk to. The overall vibe of this place was happy and relaxed, and I enjoyed my visit very much. 10/10 will come here again!

Mongoose Delta  |  Rating: 4  |  Cook Inlet Eyewear

Good place. Adjoining the opthalmalogists (sp?) place with no door or exterior passage, so it's easy to get to. Great service. Good frames from which to select. Only difficulty was minimal seating, so be prepared to stand while you wait for the customer ahead of you. Two week wait for glasses to get in, but excellent service when I go to pick them up. Thanks.

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